iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 and plus models Unlock O2 / Tesco / GiffGaff




  • Official factory unlocking for iPhone on O2/Tesco/Giffgaff UK only. Please do not purchase if your phone is locked to any other networks.
  • Duration: 1 – 15 business days (weekends/holidays not included)
  • Supported models: iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+, SE, 7 and 7 Plus
  • Supported IMEI: Clean IMEI only
  • The unlock is permanent and you can update your phone anytime and not lose its unlock status in the future.
  • This is an official factory unlock and does not involve jailbreaking, hacking, etc.
  •  If you have jailbroken your phone, you will have to restore your phone prior to the purchase.


  1. Please make sure your phone is eligible for the service before you place the order:
    • Please sign OUT from the Apple ID / iCloud.
    • Turn OFF ‘Find my iPhone’.
    • Make sure that your phone is locked to O2/Tesco/Giffgaff UK.
    • Make sure that your IMEI is clean, not blocked or blacklisted.
    • Make sure that you agree to the time frame/terms and conditions. 
  2. After you place the order, please provide us with your phone model & 15-digit IMEI during checkout via PayPal
    • Please obtain the IMEI from the phone itself, by dialling *#06#, or go to Setting > General > About.
    • If you get your phone second-hand, please do not obtain the IMEI from the phone box / SIM tray, as it could be different from the actual IMEI.
    • Sample message:
      iPhone 7
  3. The time frame for this service is 1-15 business days. There is a small chance of delay if the server undergoes maintenance, or when there is a large quantity of orders being processed. Please make sure that you agree to this particular time frame before placing the order. 
  4. Once your phone is unlocked, you just have to connect your phone to iTunes when a non-supported SIM inserted. We will send you a set of instructions for you to complete the process. 
  5. If for some reason the server fails to unlock your phone (eg: server down), a full refund will be provided immediately.


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