A few words about us

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Things we do

iPhone Repair

We provide professional repairs to all models of Apple’s iPhone range. We believe Apple’s design is beautiful, and it’s our mission to ensure that your iPhone stays that way. We refurbish original LCD’sfor our screen repairs and source only the highest quality replacement batteries when your power supply needs a refresh.

iPad Repair

Apple’s famous hand held computer. Sleek, beautiful, and often used as Frisbees by modern day children. When you need a professional repair to a high standard, DannStarr Electronics has you covered. contact us for our latest prices…

Mac Repair

Light. Years ahead. The Mac is the undisputed king of the computing world. Though problems are rare, they do come up from time to time. Get your life back on the road with Mac service and repair from DannStarr Electronics

Our team

Owner@DannStarr Electronics
Chief Gadget Geek @ DannStarr Electronics
Bob Peters
John Stevens
Billy Richards
Jane Doe
General manager

Our skills

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