Secret Google and Apple Contact Tracing Apps!!

Are the Exposure notification API’s appearing on our mobile phones anything to be worried about? You will have likely seen some scaremongering posts doing the rounds on your favorite social networking site. The story will go something like “Last week’s phone disruptions we’re because ‘they’ were installing Covid-19 trackers to our phones!” or similar such […]

IPhone Charging Problems

IPhones have a known problem which is occurring frequently. Tristar chip failure. In a nutshell, there is an IC on the motherboard that is known as the “Tristar” chip. Different models of the iPhone have variances in the way this IC functions, but generally speaking, it controls the actual charging function of the phone, along […]

water damaged iPhone

Rice for a water damaged iPhone?

Water damaged iPhone – Please don’t put it in rice! I wanted to take some time out to provide some useful information about what you should do in the event that you find yourself with a water damaged iPhone. Advice is commonly given by “The Internet” to put it in rice. I have even said […]